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Copyright: rido / 123RF Stock Photo


Body Glow Wrap
Relax while rejuvenating your skin. A combination of cleansing, exfoliation & massage.This treatment includes a full body exfoliation using a skin refining & smoothing body scrub followed by an intense hydrating body quench wrap.  Hydrates the skin while promoting cell turnover. Reveal new, healthier skin.

Choose from:
Geranium & Sage - Purifying 
Lavender - The Ultimate in Relaxation
Vanilla & Lemongrass - Uplifting
Tangerine & Basil - Renewing
Green Tea & Mint - Energizing

​60min │$85 
Add on: Cellulite treatment- Firm & Tone the skin 60min │$95

Includes take home gift: 8oz body lotion or 8oz body scrub


Each scent represents something we cherish. We call our scents our “liquid memories” because they draw upon the brain’s powerful ability to connect scent to memory. With our scents we can relive our favorite moments.

Only the purest ingredients. Ingredients we want to be using on our skin every day like organic shea butter, along with soothing, nourishing botanicals like chamomile & green tea. 

FREE of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl/eth sulfate, propylene glycol, or dyes in our line

NEVER tested on animals.

The spa's new luxury essential body care line.
You now have the option to choose a ZENT scent for your scheduled treatment

Apothecanna Massage

The "
Mary Jane" Massage uses our in spa retail line of Apothecanna's Hemp derived cann abis oil infused lotion.  The Lotion is used during your treatment on a single targeted area of concern.

Induces a deeper relaxation, enhances pain relief, relieves anxiety,combats chronic stress & improves sleep quality.


Smudge Kits 

White sage smudge kits avaiable at the spa.  Your kit includes a wood tripod stand, abolone shell tray, white sage bundle, 2 clear quartz crystals & 3 sticks of palo santo wood.

Smudging is an ancient ceremony in which you burn sacred plants, such as sage, to allow the smoke to clear & bless a space or yourself.

Clear your space of negative energy & lift your spirit.