With its roots in ancient Native American Indian healing this Therapy utilizes 9 powerful, therapeutic grade essential oils. The oils are applied like "drops of rain" along the spine & feathered into the tissue to stimulate the entire body.   This treatment will provide healing support to balance the body spiritually, emotionally & physically.  Raindrop therapy helps to re-align the energy centers in your body & allow the body to cleanse & eliminate harmful stored toxins.  A specialized & positive treatment for those with back pain, spinal discomfort, anxiety,  insomnia, fatigue & for those just looking for a great natural detox.  Raindrop therapy is performed at the end of a full body massage session.

$89 │90min

Experience a form of energy balancing based on a 5,000 year old system of Ayurveda that originated in India.  The body has seven main centers along the spine that absorb & emit energy. These centers are referred to as chakras.   Each chakra nourishes & regulates one important aspect of life. Chakra Harmony works to open & balance any energy centers that may have become closed or imbalanced. A meditative deep tissue back massage is combined with  essential oils, crystal stone placements, & subtle energy work. This unique approach allows you to become balanced, centered & “open” to greater awareness. 


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Stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, restore balance, detoxify, & promote relaxation.  Reflexology is an alternative therapy treatment that uses the application of pressure to "reflex" areas on the feet. This treatment incorporates warm towels with a cleansing foot scrub to exfoliate & prepare the feet.  A specific blend of massage strokes are applied to address your specific areas of concern. Your experience is completed with the application of a sole-soothing, stimulating oil to leave your feet feeling refreshed & energized. 


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An Intensely relaxing traditional Thai treatment that incorporates gentle stretching, massage & warm herbal 
compress balls to detox & provide relief from a variety of conditions including anxiety, arthritis, chronic tension & migraines. 


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